Skeleton Warriors
Started: March 2004 .. Updated: March 2004 .. Status: Pondering
3rd Person action adventure game where you control a pirate monkey and have to fight your way out of the underworld.

Intro Sequence/Back story:
Pirate ship docks at port, you are the ships monkey who gets put into a kenel because the captain doesn't want to take care of you while he's on leave. As your crew isn't very sucessfull at being pirates your put into a really crap places where you catch rabies or something. When the ship leaves port you accidentally infect your whole crew when they try to eat you. The whole crew dies and your left alone on the ship floating through the ocean. The ship drifts to a desert island where a heavenly scene awaits you, banannas, fresh water and lots of trees line the shore, which to a half dead monkey looks great. You run off the boat and zoom straight towards all the food and fresh water. As you run up the beatch you fall over and can't get up, then you start getting sucked into the ground. A shaman appears and lifts you up. He takes pitty on you and says something like "I can't save you now, but I'll sheild your soul on your journey to the underworld. You are being pulled against the natural order so should you destroy those who are performing this magic you shall return to this plane unharmed". A crack opens at his feet and he drops you into it and it fades to black befor you hit the bottom.

Monkey fighting skeletons in the underworld. Standard 3rd person controls with attack, jump and movement. Numeriouse levels but mostly all you have to do is get to the end and its simply a matter of fighting through the hordes of skeletons. The emphasis will be on killing loads of skeletons rather than puzzle solving. Each level end is guarded by a boss who just happens to be one of your crew mates who you killed. As skeletons can't die you simply need to hack them up enough so that they fall appart and are useless. Every enemy in the game can have their limbs chopped off (including yourself) and to kill something you need to hack all of its limbs off (rending it useless and hence we say dead even though you can't kill a skeleton). You can however simple hack the arms off a skeleton so it won't be able to hurt you and then let it walk round or you can cut its legts off and simply run away from it as it won't be able to chase you - the choice is yours. Now you can also get your limbs chopped off which will hinder you but not kill you. You can however pick up the limbs of other skeletons and attach them to yourself. This will often give you advantages - a monkey with human arms would be able to strike creatures much further away than if it had normal arms. Lion claws would give you a deadly strike and rhyno feet would allow you to charge ... whatever you can imagine. This does however come at a price. Your possible health is relative to how many real limbs you have. If your fully monkey then you might have a possible health value of 100 (your health could be less but you can get no more health than that ... its the max health you can have). Your arms and legs each give you a possible 15 health so if you get both your arms chopped off the max health you can have is now 70 (100 - 15 - 15 = 70). If you get all your limbs chopped off you die (or you can't do anything so will just sit there for eternety) but you can also loose all your health and die. Say for example you get stabbed in the chest which deals 40 damage. If you have all your true limbs and full health you can live through 100 points of damage - so if you get 3 chest strikes you'll die even if you have all your limbs. If however you have full chest health but all yours limbs get cutoff then you'll also die. Attacks will mostly be close range - swords and clubs and that sort of thing. Lots of combo attacks as well. If possible I'd like to add a few rudimentary vehicles as well - riding a chariot driven by skepeton horses towards the final boss seems really epic (although the chances of this being impilmented are about none).