Started: Oct 2004 .. Updated: Oct 2004 .. Status: Simmering
RPG where you control a character with a host of minions which obey your every command with RTS elements.

Intro Sequence/Back story:
Futureistic world, planet covered with one never ending city, everyone getting implants and becomming cyborgs but no true AI yet. The one global city is pretty much ranked by level - the lower you are the less your worth. You start at the bottom and do something ... story hasn't been worked out yet.

You control a standard human character who walks round the world mostly in 3rd person view although 1st person view is aviable for fighting and whatever if you so choose (which I think most people will most of the time!). The big deal is your "minions". You have upto 8 little minions running along side you at any one time. You'll probably be dressed in futurist black robes with cyborg elements to it and you build these minions which look like little black megaman figures as you find the nessisary parts. The minions themselves are pretty small and would reach just above your knees. They will all be little helpers who will accept orders and get given tasks to, but you do not actually control them individually. You will start off with one minion and build more as you go although never alot (8 or 12 max). The AI work will be really intense, but if I manage it I'd like to have them learn skills as well. So they start off pretty dumb, but when they see someone pick a lock then they learn that skill and can level it up with practise. This to me seems like a much better way than just having them randomly attain skills out of nowhere (even if it'd be hard to impliment). Although the player will level up himself, most of the focus will be on the minions and getting their skills up. Skills like stealth and scout would be great. If you could tell your minions to scout up ahead in stealth mode and then have him bring you back a map of the enemy locations and terrain it'd be very awsome! Other things would be walking along with your minions in stealth mode so they're hugging the walls out of sight or running along in adjacent tunnels rather than all gathered round you. It really all depends on how good the AI gets. If the AI gets good then the game will rock, and if the AI is crappy then the game will suck! Like most RPG's you'll have a heap of different skills its possible to learn, but for a minon to learn on he must see it.

I just really like the idea of having my own personal army of little black megamen running along beside me ready to do my bidding and kill huge monsters should they jump out! This is a pretty ambitiouse project to say the least and I never expect to complete it - but its there if ever I get board and need something to work on!