Delivery (from/to Hell)
Started: July 2004 .. Updated: July 2004 .. Status: Simmering
1st person action game where you have to deliver stuff and accidentally get caught up in the battle between good and evil.

Intro Sequence/Back story:
You start the game delivering pizzas for this mean pizza nazi guy. It'll be a little like crazy taxi crossed with GTA and Quake. You have timelimits and enemies that you gota kill on your deliveries. Anyway, after a few normal pizza deliveries then you DIE! Based on what you did befor you died you become a delivery boy for Satan or God. If you killed lots of people then Satan, if you didn't kill many people and were nice then God - that type of thing. If your an angel delivery boy you deliver redemption and blessings to people while fighting off the demons who want to steal peoples souls. If your evil you become a little red devil who battles angles to devliver contracts for peoples souls and other nasty affairs. A few levels of normal peron deliveries then it goes crazy with pandimentional battles over peoples souls and stuff. I think mostly you'll either be on foot or a bike. When ur evil you'll get little red horns and when your good you'll get a halo, but once your dead i was thinking of having it so you just walk through all the living people. Only fight demons or angels of your relm while wafting through the mortals who have no idea of the gigantic battle around them would be great. I'll design some quest how your deliveries bring about the end of the good vs evil war when I can think of one.

First person shooter where you have to run from point A to point B. Mostly there'll be timelimits, especially in later levels. Most levels will also have heaps of enemies along the way, most will be either just normal enemies or other delivery boys trying to geto the same person as you. When delivering pizzas the target would be a building, but when delivering redemption or damnation you have to find a specific person who's moving around the city. I don't really want to add vehicles as you'll just end up with crazy taxi ... having it FPS where fighting is just as important as speed is what i'm after.