Hot House
Started: Aug 2004 .. Updated: Aug 2004 .. Status: Pondering
This world is a ripoff of the hot house book which I read many years ago (not idea how its by though).

Earth way into the future where the planet has been covered with jungle after human civilization fell (why it fell is not important or even relevant). One tree spans entire continents with millions of interconnected trunks (think lots of oak trees where the branches of one also join the trunk of its neighbours). This allows you to get anywhere without touching the ground as you can just walk along the braches like they were footpaths. The trunks are massive and tower hundreds of meters above ground. Humans are not extinct, but have returned to the trees and become more like their ape/monkey ancestors. People live in the trees ewok style, but unlike the ewocks, people never come down. Plants have taken over the earch and eat people and so going down to the ground is death, as well as going up to the canopy. People live in this thin little band in (relative) safty between the ground and the sky.

Players have huge jumps, fast running speed and the AVP alien ability to cling onto surfaces. As 90% of the gameplay will be high up in trees it'll be a very movement orientated game. Stone-age weapons and a little magic are the main tools of the trade. Also players will be able to glide just a bit while in the air which should make for some gameplay. No story once again, but jumping around an infinite forrest at crazy speeds seems like a win to me!