Started: 2nd Sep 2006 .. Updated: 7th Jan 2007 .. Status: Complete - lacks content.
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Level Editor + Animation.
Posted: 2007-01-07 02:21:31

Init v0.9.1 - This verion has HEAPS of cool updates. The two major improvements are:

- Level Editor
- Animation

The level editor's input has been completely redone. It still works the same, but now uses mouse input instead of keyboard, and supplies the standard 4 views (user, top, front, size). This makes it infinitly more usable, so creating GOOD levels is easy.

The other thing, animations, now lets you setup animation loops for all the standard actions such as idle, run, jump and so on. With this addition the game goes from being cubes fighting cubes, to possibly real characters fighing proper enemies.
Full game now!
Posted: 2006-11-04 20:51:36

Its not officially a full game. There is weapons, pickups, enemies and levels. Thats it. Now its time for me to loose interest in it and start my next project. Hopefully oneday I'll return and actually build some great levels and cool enemies because its all setup and waiting for it ...
Bounce Pads.
Posted: 2006-10-10 07:37:18

I just put in boucepads to my own dev version, and while I'm not going to upload a new build yet they are AWSOME. Its so much fun to bounce around like crazy in my testing level!!!