The Innocents
Started: 26th Jun 2005 .. Updated: 28th Jun 2005 .. Status: Random Thought
Just had a random thought about a game where you play in a world of really cute little fury things. Think town of teadybears with lots of primary colours and flowers (like the munchkin village in Wizard of Oz). But a few of these little cute guys are really terrible mosters in disguse, and they eat these innocent little things when no one is looking then go back to being cute furry looking. So you have to walk round all these cute things and kill the bad ones. How you tell their bad I'm not sure, I just like the idea of heaps of cute fuzzy things that eat each other in grusome ways when your not looking. The aim would be to save as many innocents as possible. So you can blast away at anything and always get the bad guys but then you'll hardly save anyone. Or if you never shoot till your sure the monsters would just keep eating all the innocents. So you have to risk killing innocents to get rid of the monsters, but make sure not to rampage it becuase then you'll save no one.

I have no idea where this image camefrom. Its shamlessly ripped off from somewhere and if you know where please tell me so I can give full credit. However it perfectly fits what I'm on about with the good cute guys (the white ones) who turn into monsters and eat each other (the black ones).

cute monster guys

Update (28/6/05): I've changed my mind. I think I like the idea of an almost entirly white world, where the little white guys above run free. Still cartoony, but mostly white with shades of grey. When a monster changes to their evil form they turn black, but can't turn white again for a while, and will trail blood if they killed anyone. In an all white/grey world the red blood will stand out heaps, and hopefully I can make the monsters leave bloody footprints so you can track them as they slowly fade back to white. Find a slaughter and run after the trail of blood to track the monster, then dispatch it. Higher level monsters can kill with less blood, fade to white quicker and maybe even clean up so they leave no trace of their cime. However that would still require time so your best bet is to run around trying to find the monsters befor they fade back to their innocent disguise.