Started: 30th May 2005 .. Updated: 30th May 2005 .. Status: Whacky idea stage!
I really like the idea of writing autonomouse programs. Writing a program that does something without me then reports back is very appealing. So with that theme bouncing round in the back of my head I came up with the idea of having a network of autonomouse little bots walking round a city MMORPG style (think love child of seti and world of warcraft). The user could check up what his/her bot was upto but would have no direct control over it. But then the idea struct me to just have the bots make the city themselves - that way I don't need to generate a whole world myself for the bots to live in. Start of with an infinite flate plane, a construction bot and a material stack. Then let the bot build the city from there. He can walk round and place blocks, stack them and slowly build up a huge cityscape from it. Even better is the idea of networking it so you have everyone building the same city - hundreds of these little guys just roaming round dropping/stacking blocks and building up a city. It'd be antHive meets Terrain Dropper meets World of Warcraft.

I could also add scripting so people could write their own bot AI. I personally would probably love to see lots of individual talls buildings, while I'm sure someone else would love to create just a huge giant blob or whatever. With scripts others could customize their bot to build whatever buildings they liked. Even destroy other buildings or steal blocks from them if that was your way. Once you have the block system setup you can just let the bots go wild on what they do in there.

Initially I'd probably just go with a 2D heightmap but eventually I'd love to have it more of a octree style thing, so you could build bridges or link buildings at the 483th floor. It'd be so cool.

Pitty I have work todo :/ what do I need money for anyway? I mean really!?!?