Started: 26th May 2005 .. Updated: 15th Apr 2006 .. Status: Complete - but Unbalanced.
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Shards v0.99 - FINAL BETA
Posted: 2006-04-15 05:45:15

I'm uploading Shards v0.99 as this is being typed! Hopefully this build will work well enough to be renamed Shards v1.0 after I've got a few people to test it. I'd like to add some more levels, guns and bosses but creating that stuff just isn't really my thing so for now its just 5 levels with no bosses hehe. Still I'm proud so enjoy the new version!
Back again!
Posted: 2006-04-02 01:23:00

After many months of neglect thanks to wow - here is v0.5 Its pretty much the full game. Pretty soon I expect to release v1.0 after some testing and a few more featues (ie. customizable levels). Till then enjoy!
Shards Beings!
Posted: 2005-05-26 08:09:53

I've been playing a heap of top down shooters recently so I figured I'd try my hand at making one. With no complicated 3D phyics, or rendering needed I think I should get something working pretty quick. In half a night I've got the project all started with the scrolling background complete. The background only demo is in the downloads section, and it shows off the kind of abstract theme I'm going for. The rest of it will be setup in that same primitive shap glow style, just really simple with hopefully some addictive gameplay. But I'll get to that another day!