Started: 26th May 2005 .. Updated: 15th Apr 2006 .. Status: Complete - but Unbalanced.
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Shards is a simple scrolling shooter. This style of game is both very fun to play as well as being easy to make. Those two things combined make it the perfect game to code for fun because its not that hard and you get to enjoy making it as you go.

Shards content (ie. levels, enemies etc) is all run off outside files which means its very easy to add new things to the game. Also it means its very easy for others to edit, which I full support. So much so there is a modding guide provided with downloads of v1.0 and up so if your the tinkering type you can play round with it. If anyone creates something really cool I'll also host it for others to download and test out.

Hopefully shards will be the first true game on this site. Currently I have done alot of simulations, and one game that isn't actually very fun so shards will be my redemption!