Started: Sep 2004 .. Updated: 24th Sep 2006 .. Status: Active Development.
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Level Editor!
Posted: 2006-09-24 05:46:56

To go with Init I wrote a little level editor inside STARE. Its resonably simple but its complex enough todo everything I want. Defines your level items, place them in the world, rotate them to your liking and your done! The new level code works of OBB's and has an inbuilt KD-Tree for collision detection. The KD-Tree is supprisingly effective as well as being resonably easy to impliment, to anyone else useing something like an OcTree I highly suggest changing to a KD-Tree. They rule!
New Demo Up.
Posted: 2005-03-21 03:51:50

Another demo has been added. Its just an update to the original terrain demo, but this time the drop position is run off a script so you can edit it if thats your thing.
Posted: 2005-02-10 05:42:27

I started work on a game useing STARE. This will be the first full test of STARE so hopefully I'll find and squash any remaining bugs, and finalise the design. When CDogs is done we should have a fully working and tested game engine that I can for anything which will be very uber!
More GUI Work.
Posted: 2005-01-27 05:40:20

After a long time of pure WoW playing I've finally started to code again and a good way to ease myself back into things seems to be the gui system. I've figured out a nice way to add customizable colours to it, and I'll be writing a few more controls (list box is first on my list). Its pretty straightforward stuff, which is nice because I've forgotten how half of it works after a month of solid WoW. Probably won't have any new demo's up because its not visually impressive but I think doing this will tempt me back to code in general and so there is a good chance I'll start working on a full game in the not too distant future.
Demo 2.
Posted: 2004-11-07 05:40:04

Input, physics and some other random stuff in this demo. You can push a block round a little pseudo level with some other randomly placed blocks. Its definatly nothing complete but could easily be turned into a neat platformer without too much effort. I'm pretty pleased with how easy to use the engine has turned out, and without many major sections of code to write I'll be able to start on a full game pretty soon!
GUI Done.
Posted: 2004-11-02 05:39:47

I wrote the STARE gui, its got labels, buttons, checkboxes and frames but other items such as static bitmaps and sliders would be an easy addition. Its written to load the layout off and xml file so that they menu stuff isn't hard coded which will be great when I add the options menu (which always needs constant updating as you add new settings etc and was a total pain in KO). Now the gui is done the core components needed for the first game I have planned are almost all complete - all thats left is the Mesh Manager and then I'll have everything I need (there is way more I'd likd as always of course Very Happy).
Demo 1.
Posted: 2004-10-27 05:39:16

This demo is a little terrain generator thats running off the STARE engine. Basically it just proves that STARE works in the simplest way possible. The mouse moves the view, j and r are jump point and reset terrain respectivly. Its by no means a full game or anything but it does test all the features offered by STARE (resource management, texture, model and sound loading, scripting, console, settings manager and more). Every time I write something into the engine I add a bit of code that uses it in the terrain demo for testing. Check it out in the downloads section.