Started: June 2003 .. Updated: April 2004 .. Status: Complete.
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Posted: 2005-03-03 05:30:56
For all your download needs head to SourceForge where I got KO hosted as an opensource project. There you can find heaps of version, all the source and pretty much anything else you need to get the game up and running.
Posted: 2005-03-03 05:27:06
This is a little movie of KO with some game footage which gives a nice idea what its all about. It was created so that I could have something on my screen while showing KO off at AGDC, but has since been used by RMIT in heaps of promotional stuff and has been shown to the new 3D graphics students as a demo of what they can do.
Posted: 2005-03-03 05:24:58
knockoff manual. Exactly what it says - the knockoff manual. If you download the game you'll get a copy, but here's an online version.
Posted: 2005-03-03 05:24:07
This is the uni report I handed in with the assig. This was mandatory and done as an afterthought but it does give a nice overview of how KO works internally and what was implimented.