Started: Early 2003 .. Updated: June 2003 .. Status: Complete.
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This application is a very basic and non-realistic simulation of an ant colony. They search for food, and return the food back to the hive. It is written in C++ using the OpenGL and Glut libaries, this makes it extreamly easy to port (so easy infact I develop on windows at home, and linux while at uni with no problems at all). I have little to no knowledge of what real ants do or how they act so this is all just what I made up on the spot!

It was originally written for a subject at uni called "Interactive 3D Animation". This was my first full openGL program, and so taught me heaps. Its code is rather messy as every other week I'd change the design but it runs fine, and looks way better than I'd hoped. I ended up getting 100% for it and seeing it was worth 40% of my mark for that subject I was very stoked!