Gun Smoke 2
Started: Jan 2004 .. Updated: Jan 2004 .. Status: Lost.
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I'm not sure many of you would remember Gun Smoke but it was a classic game and I spent many hours playing it. Its kind of like Raiden and all those top down shooter games (you blast enemies that scroll down as you travel up the screen), the big difference being that instead of being in a plane/spaceship you are a guy walking. The original Gun Smoke had you as a sherrif who was walking along shooting bank robbers - and what a great concept it was. As its a fairly simple game I decided to use it as a base for my first GBA game and create a shamless clone.

So as not to be completely unoriginal I'm going to have it set in World War II and your an Allied special ops guy shooting Germans, but the controles and general game play will be identical. As I'm pretty new to GBA programming it may take some time to get anywhere past the "very alpha" stage, but hopefully it won't be too long. For the first version expect nothing more than a buggy demo showing that I managed to work out how to draw stuff to the screen. Once thats out of the way I think I'll keep it fairly simple (ie. No powerups or special items) until I get it rock solid. Once thats done if I'm still feeling enthused then I'll add different weapons and bosses and all that other junk such games should have.