Started: Dec 2003 .. Updated: Jan 2004 .. Status: Complete.
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Flocking and emergent behavior really interests me. I must admit I haven't had alot todo with it, or know much about it - so this is my first attempt at making a demo of this type of thing. I found out about all this stuff after I completed my ants assignment and my lecturer pointed out it looked a little like Flocking and used the same principles just in a different way. Looked it up on google and 8 months later here we are.

This didn't take me 8 months to write by the way, its just taken me that long to get around to writing the thing. I wrote this in 3 days, useing my basecode set as a starting point. Its pretty good considering that 4 days ago I didn't really know anything about what I was trying to do.

Its very UNoptimised so you can't fit too many of the boids in the sim at once, but optimisation wasn't really a concern for me - I wrote this to learn something, and space partitioning and algorithm optimisation wasn't it! One day I might fix it up a bit and allow it to handle hundres of boids at once or something but not soon - I've got other things to write!