Austrix Australian community centre for Quake 3 Trickjumping.
Defrag Single player quake mod based around going really really really fast!
eQuake eQuake is quakeworld in a box - just download and play ... simple and sweet
Fatal Traction A very sweet home-brew game. As they put it "Take control of a heavily-armed off-road instrument of destruction, but remember to grab your seat, ‘cause your wheels won’t be on the ground for long!"
GunBound Most addictive game ever! It even stopped me playing quake or programming which nothing else has ever done!
Overdrive PC Tricking forums where all your famous trickers hangout
Own-Age For all your gaming media needs :)
PlanetQuake Heaps of stuff for quake, from mods to tips to config setups. Lots of stuff!
Q3A Styles Great place for everything quake 3 related (especially maps)
RSKN Quake III clan I'm in.
The Onion Spoof newspaper - one of the funniest sites on the net. Updates pretty often too so always something new.
Extended ASCII Chart Nice ascii chart.
Google The ultimate in search engines!!!
hotmail Its crap but its good for some things (ie signup accountss .... you signup to forums/websites with a hotmail account and let it collect all the spam while your true email address stays spam free cos its not being sold off to people!)
MilkShape 3D Very nice moddling package!
Quost my webhosting ppl - "Cheap, like the budgey" (Does both aus and international hosting I believe)
SlashDot And I quote "News for nerds, stuff that matters"
WhereIs Need a map to somewhere (in Aust) ... well go here, type in the addr and it'll show you exactly where it is! Very handy.
Hoax Photo Gallery Faked photo's are funny
Lan People This is pretty old, but still damn funny. Just analyses all the "personality types" at the lan - some of it is so true too ahhaha
Mario Bros. 3 done QUICK! If you know quake done quick, or even if you just realise that finishing games fast is a challenge worth accepting then this is damn funny. The guy finishes the full game in 11mins - its crazy! Watch and you'll understand!
Penny Arcade Damn funny webcomic!
Photoshop edits Some very nice photoshop edits. Some random kid gets his face painted onto numeriouse posters etc ... really niely done hehehe
SideTalkin Ever seen the n-gage used as a phone? No? Well this might explain why!
The Swipe Toolkit Lets you know how much pieces of personal information are worth on the (ie. How much your address/phone num is worth)
Top Cliche List The huge list of cliche's used in SCI-FI books and movies (and possible other places)
Basics of Space Flight "Learn the scope of concepts that apply to interplanetary space exploration and the relationships among them."
Fractals Unleashed Experiment with fractals and learn how to create your own.
Futuristics A look at what people in the early 20th century thought transportation would turn out like ... i'm yet to have my own personaly helicopter though which is a shame!
How Stuff Works The name says it all ... it explains how stuff works.
Hubble Telescope Wallpapers Some amazing shots taken by the hubble telescope and formatted for desktop wallpapers. This stuff looks too fantastic to be real, but apparntly it is!
Joy Of Tech Web commic thingie
Silicon 101 How do you get from beach sand to a CPU? Read and find out!
typo generator creates random images based on text you enter ... its very cool although a bit hard to describe!
caoine supprisingly addictive blog
Clept Site of my flatmate (and brother). You might say we're a tad differeant hehe.
Gambits Defrag Defrag maps and demo tables from an Aussie
Rob Loach And I quote "I am currently a computer programming student at George Brown in Toronto, Ontario."
X-Fire I met these guys at AGDC when we were both in the indi game comp (they came second ... I didn't rate :P) - its a sweet game, and I'm waiting for them to release a demo!
Programming AI
AI On the Web Heaps of AI links.
AI-Junkie Great Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithm Tutorials and info!
Game AI Although this is called its mostly about the AI part rather than the game part - but great stuff!
Generation5 AI site with aritcles, glossary and links and more.
Karl Sims This guys work is fantastic - I've never seen anything like his evolved virutal creatures "the Blockies", fantastic stuff!
Programming Games
Aaron's Game Programming Tutorials Nice set of SDL tutorials
Amit's Game Prog Info Some nice game programming info - although its pretty much all theoretical rather than practical.
Dev Master Game programming Articles and Tutorials.
Flipcode Game Programming Site.
Free Game Development Libraries List of libs usefull for game dev
Gamasutra Game Programming Site. Need I say more?
Lighthouse 3d Game Programming Site.
NeHe Another great games programming site - full of great tutorials!
Radiosity Great article on how radiosity works ... but I still can't do it :P
SDL Lib Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, 3D hardware via OpenGL, and 2D video framebuffer
Ultimate Game Programming Another tutorial site (like nehe, gamedev, flipcode and the rest)
Programming GBA
GameBoy Advance Dev'rs Links and docs site - some nice stuff, but the best stuff is found from following the links :P
GBA Dev Gameboy Advanced dev site - lots of links to tutorials, compilers and pretty much everything you need to know.
The Pern Project Some good tutorials for GBA development
Programming General
Programming in C++ A heap of great tutorials for c++ programming.
AI-Depot News, knowledge and discussion for the AI enthusiast.
Code Sampler Lots of OpenGL code samples .. haven't looked at them much but there seems to be alot of good topics covered.
Delphi OpenGL projects Some neat projects in delphi ... easy to convert back to c/c++ though and there are some funky effects shown.
fmod A great sound lib - its what I use for sound in all my games/apps.
freshmeat freshmeat maintains the Web's largest index of Unix and cross-platform software (ripped off their about page!).
Internation Obfuscated C Code Contest how to write a program that gets a 0 rating for both readability and maintainability!
libCurl libcurl is a free and easy-to-use client-side URL transfer library, supporting FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, GOPHER, TELNET, DICT, FILE and LDAP
libPNG LibPNG is a library for loading .png files
Open Dynamics Engine The Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) is a free software library for the simulation of Rigid Body Dynamics.
Programmers Heaven The title really gives it all away i think!
pTypes Networking + Threading + Streams programming lib
rakNet sweet networking lib specifically made for games.
SQL quick ref A neat little SQL quick reference quide
STLport The version of the STL that comes with MS sucks shit - this one is good :D