About the Site

This site is pretty much a dumping ground for my programs, ideas and a few random bits. The Idea's section holds a list of games that I'd like to make. Some of them are fully thought out and have story and settings, while others are just one idea I think is cool without anyway plans on how to impliment it. Projects on the other hand actually have code. Most have screenshots and downloadable demos, and they make up practically every app i've written since 2003 that I think is worth posting. Unfortunatly i'm writting bigger and bigger programs so the rate of project uploads is going down significantly. Still, the big projects give me the most satisfaction so while my website may not grown quickly i love coding them!

About me

I'm a 24 year old programmer who got heavily interested in games/graphics programming in late 2002 while at uni (but i've been playing games for alot longer). During 2003 I wrote antHive and then knockoff, for university assignments. I graduated at the end of 2003 but I've kept on programming because I really enjoy it. I currently work as a programmer for Firemint, so now I'm a certified games programmer (although how that happened I don't know Razz). Most of the programs here are open source, and even if they're not I'll give you the source if you ask nicely.

If you have any questions/feedback head on over to the contact page and send it in, or post on the forums!