Posted by: kaysik on 04-Dec-10 at 06:28 pm

So from this site it clearly looks like I've stopped doing anything and its all abandoned. Funny story though, turns out I'm doing more dev now than ever before I'm just using it for work instead of putting it up on the site.

A heavily modified version of my home game engine is now being used extensively at work. I write 3-4 iPhone games a year but instead of hosting them here as I did in the past I pitch them to my boss. Can't do that if I keep putting stuff up here so I stopped. Its a lot of fun though showing things round the office and getting them published. I really do enjoy it. I will always love this website since it got me the job at Firemint oh so many years ago, but for now it will remain mostly un-updated since I'm simply not allowed to post my new creations. But its not a sad thing. One day this will morph into something new when I figure out what I want and it will be reborn. Till then it will remain as a tribute to a lifestyle that I loved but has passed.
iPhone/iPod touch!
Posted by: kaysik on 07-Sep-08 at 08:16 am

So work gave everyone iPod touches. I had a cool 2D worms game just completed and sitting there waiting for art. The natural next step? Port Arcus to the iPod of course Very Happy

So bham I did! The iPhone/iPod touch SDK is free till you want to put it on device then its $100. Lots of fun ... and now you can play Arcus on the iPhone\iPod touch against people playing on the PC. It only took 2 days to port - crazy stuff! Can't release it though - you need to have your ipod/iphone registered with my dev acount to load it but its great fun to show round work!
huh? I did what now ...
Posted by: kaysik on 06-Aug-08 at 08:05 am

Well I just found a radiosity renderer I wrote. I'd completley forgotten about it and was even thinking about how cool it'd be to have one of those a month or so again. Guess what? I DO!

Very weird to find entire projects you didn't know you had. Pretty funky stuff. I might fix it up oneday and host it, for now though it'll live on in mystery on my HD untouched till i finish both Arcus and Cruentus (the latest project).

The gunbound clone is virtually done just waiting on art from one of those pesky art guys from work. So in the mean time I started something new - and hence we have Cruentus! We'll wait and see if I actually get anywhere on that - currently its not looking good but there is always hope.
Holy noodle balls its actually working!
Posted by: kaysik on 03-Jul-08 at 07:29 am

It is! I swear! Its weird ... this might be the first game in about 3 years I've got past the alpha stage!


Its an uber game too ... yay @ me!
Gunbound Clone!
Posted by: kaysik on 10-Jun-08 at 06:33 am

Well wow got a bit boring recently so I played a few other games. After unlocking the vamp gun in TF2 I decieded to look up gunbound because I used to really enjoy that. Long story short they wrecked it by making so much of it real money based ... i get they want cash and it funds development etc but taking away items old players (eg me) had earnt just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Its not that they give extra stuff to people with cash, its that they took away stuff from my account that I'd earnt. Soo I got pissed off and decided to write my own.

I've only ever done 1 networked game befor and that was Knockoff and well that was painful. The problem with that was it was real time - where as my gunbound clone is turned based. I've made some pretty big changes to the core gameplay which will become apparent next time I post demo's up, but I think its for the better. One of our local artists at work has offered some art which will be awome. And another of the programmers has offered help with the terrain system. We'll wait and see if either of these two offers comes through with anything useful.

Either way the very core gameplay (aim + shoot) all works currently, and it works well! Its all networked (there is no single player local game), as the whole thing is done on a server. Its all setup to handle multiple games at a time with lobbies and the like. Its been alot of fun and quite different to anything else I've done as a hobby project. Lets see if I actually finish this one 'eh Razz